Efficient Styrofoam Recycling Solutions

RecycleTech manufactures heavy duty Styrofoam recycling machines, extremely efficient solutions for businesses looking to eliminate their polystyrene (EPS) waste.

Our Styrofoam recycling machines densifies EPS waste down to a fraction of its original volume, up to 1/90th.

Our expertise in EPS recycling solutions is substantiated from over 100 of our clients from both the United States and Canada, which include many major electric, appliance, motor, and retailing companies. Our clients personally attest to the space-saving effi ciency and reliability of our innovative EPS recycling technology.

With our plastic foam densifier technology, we equip businesses with a cost-effective solution for Styrofoam recycling. With our wide range of models for different capacities of Styrofoam waste, it is ensured that our customers will have the perfect solution to their operation.

Furthermore, RecycleTech will offer to purchase any amount of Styrofoam plastic ingot produced through its buyback program. We recycle these plastic ingots for use in the
production of other plastic goods, preventing waste from entering our nation’s landfills.